The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now

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Beyond the PC

Mobile digital gadgets are overshadowing the personal computer, says Martin Giles. Their impact will be far-reaching

Drake, Lil’ Wayne and DJ Khaled - I’m On One. (C) 2011 Cash Money Records Inc

Foreign Aid Set to Take a Hit in U.S. Budget Crisis

WASHINGTON — America’s budget crisis at home is forcing the first significant cuts in overseas aid in nearly two decades, a retrenchment that officials and advocates say reflects the country’s diminishing ability to influence the world.

Studies of Universe’s Expansion Win Physics Nobel

Three astronomers won the Nobel prize on Tuesday for discovering that the universe is apparently being blown apart by a mysterious force that cosmologists now call dark energy. They are Saul Perlmutter of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., Brian P. Schmidt of the Australian National University in Weston Creek, Australia, and Adam G. Riess of the Space Telescope Science Institute and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

The aurora australis as seen from the International Space Station. Photograph: ISS/Nasa

The aurora australis as seen from the International Space Station. Photograph: ISS/Nasa

The beauty and power of melancholia

The Battle for the Soul of English Education

At KIPP Academy, situated in one of America’s poorest school districts, 75 per cent of pupils achieve above the national average in maths and reading. This educational alchemy is repeated across America, as KIPP schools from Houston (where more than 97 per cent of eighth-graders passed their state reading and maths exams in 2009) to Colorado (where the Sunshine Academy in an impoverished neighbourhood is a state centre of excellence) achieve outstanding results in communities where schools had failed for generations. Only 41 per cent of pupils from the poorest quartile of families go to college in America, a fact which epitomises stagnant social mobility. Among KIPP pupils it is 85 per cent. 

The Rwanda Experiment: Can the African nation have peace and prosperity without freedom?

Development economists and aid mavens know very well the story of Rwanda’s remarkable recovery. But I don’t think the country’s achievements are appreciated by the wider public. Seventeen years after more than 800,000 ethnic Tutsis were murdered within a few months by their Hutu neighbors, Rwanda has 7 percent economic growth, near-universal health insurance and fierce anti-corruption laws. Kigali, the capital, is remarkably clean and relatively safe.

Jone Samuelsen scores what is believed to be the longest-range headed goal ever from his own half for Odd Grenland against Tromso IL in the Norwegian league

Google Chrome 15 Beta and 16 Dev show off new features

One week after releasing the first stable build of Google Chrome 14, both Beta and Dev channels have been updated, to versions 15 and 16 respectively.

In terms of new features, Google Chrome 15 Beta sees the most radical developments with a redesigned new tab page and the ability to synchronise the Address/Search bar history across multiple installations.

Google Chrome 16 Dev offers one interesting new development in the fact that multi-user support – where users log into a single instance of Chrome with different accounts – has now been enabled by default on Windows and Mac machines.